Here are 28 journalism conferences to attend in 2020

Conferences present an opportunity for journalists, developers, product managers, and others who work in the news space to connect with one another, learn new skills, and exchange ideas. 

We’ve collected a list of 27 journalism conferences scheduled throughout 2020. If you’re looking for spaces to meet new people or take your career to the next step, here are some conferences that might be helpful. 

There are, of course, other conferences that we haven’t included here. Please let us know if there are any we missed, and we’ll be sure to update this post. 


Mega-Conference, February 17-19, Fort Worth, TX

“Join more than 700 media executives at the 2020 Key Executives Mega-Conference as we explore new approaches and new solutions to the issues facing the newspaper industry.”


NICAR, March 5-8, New Orleans, LA

“We’ll offer everything from the basics on using spreadsheets, databases and online mapping to data visualization and the latest technological advances. You’ll come away with story ideas, plenty of inspiration and tools to help you overcome typical data hurdles. Bypass the budget issues in your newsroom by taking hands-on classes in free software. Get a look at what the biggest names in data-driven reporting are using to make a major impact online. Learn from the best in the business in discussions and during hands-on training sessions.”

Computation & Journalism Conference, March 20-21, Boston, MA

Postponed due to COVID-19 coronavirus. More details here.

“We invite the submission of contributions exploring the interface between data and computer science and journalism in three categories: research, practice, and technology. For the 2020 Symposium, we make a special call for papers that involve data visualization, with an emphasis on the communication of uncertainty.”

America East Conference, March 30-April 1, Hershey, PA

Postponed on March 18 due to COVID-19 coronavirus. More details here.

“The America East News Media Summit is a robust news media conference, built to minimize time away from the office and maximize access to high-quality education, recognition ceremonies, the discovery of new partners and networking opportunities. This comprehensive event offers distinctive educational tracks for managers, advertising, editorial, circulation and production personnel, which include informative sessions and roundtable discussions led by best-in-class speakers.”


International Journalism Festival, April 1-5, Perugia, Italy

Cancelled on Feb. 29 due to COVID-19 coronavirus. More details here.

“The festival is the largest media event in Europe. It is an open invitation to listen to, learn from and network with the best of world journalism. Informality and accessibility are its key features. The festival is free entry for all attendees for all sessions.”

Midwest Journalism Conference, April 3, Bloomington, MN

“The Midwest Journalism Conference provides national-caliber training seminars at a fraction of the price of national conferences, along with prestigious awards programs, all within driving distance from anywhere in our six-state service area. We are the largest such regional journalism conference in the United States.”

SND, Society for News Design, April 5-6, Washington, DC

Postponed on March 3 due to COVID-19 coronavirus. More details here.

“What sparks collaboration? How do different crafts work together to tell stories? When should the design of visual information be explanatory and when should it be exploratory? SNDDC 2020 will incubate those discussions and inspire answers, all with the goal of practical applications. SNDDC’s goal is to help you know what to learn, how to sharpen your expertise and find ways to grow your professional networks.”

International Symposium on Online Journalism, April 24-25, Austin, TX

Cancelled on March 11 due to COVID-19 coronavirus. More details here.

“The International Symposium on Online Journalism is a program of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin, a unique conference that bridges the gap between academia and the news industry.”


Collaborative Journalism Summit, May 14-15, Charlotte, NC

Moved to an online format due to COVID-19. Learn more about the virtual gathering here

“The 2020 Collaborative Journalism Summit… will feature a day-and-a-half of panels, roundtables, networking, and socializing about all things collaborative journalism. We hope to announce the location in the next two weeks, as well as a pre-conference training opportunity.”

73rd Education Writers Association National Seminar, May 27-29, Orlando, FL

Postponed on March 31 due to COVID-19 coronavirus. More details here.

“This year’s event in Orlando will explore an array of timely topics of interest to journalists from across the country, with a thematic focus on the vital roles that education and journalism play in democratic societies.”


IRE Conference, June 18-21, National Harbor, MD

Postponed to Aug. 27-30 due to COVID-19 coronavirus. More details here.

“Reboot your skills, recharge your watchdog batteries and reconnect with the world’s largest network of investigative journalists during this year’s gathering in National Harbor, MD. Choose from more than 175 panels, hands-on classes and special presentations. Learn how to improve reporting and storytelling across all platforms.”

Allied Media Conference, June 25-28, Detroit, MI

Moved to an online format due to COVID-19. Learn more about the virtual gathering here

“After 20 years of creating, connecting and transforming our community, we used one year to devise a new shape that could hold healthy, purposeful growth over the coming years.

Over four transformative days in June, we’re thrilled to once again bring together people and projects that show us what our world can be.”

Alliance for Community Media, June 30-July 2, Chicago, IL

“ACM embraces our partners who align with and believe in our vision of promoting civic engagement and community change through local media. This conference sets the stage for you to come together with over 400 executives and other professionals from locations throughout the United States who work in community-based media production centers and facilities, university-based programs, youth media programs, digital arts and online groups, and policy-related centers – all of which produce an ideal target market for your products and services.”


NABJxNAHJ, July 8-12, Washington, DC

Rescheduled and moved to an online format on April 24 due to COVID-19. Learn more about the virtual gathering here

“Our convention is the premier venue for journalism training, career development, networking opportunities and exposure to new and unreleased media platforms and films! We attract leaders and influencers in journalism and digital media, communications, technology, education, business, arts and entertainment, sports, politics and more.

The #NABJNAHJ20 Career Fair draws hundreds of recruiters from the top media companies and journalism schools from across the country and around the world. Countless headline makers, innovators and industry leaders in politics, media, journalism, and film have attended #NABJNAHJ20 Conventions.”

SRCCON 2020, July 16-17, Minneapolis, MN

Moved to an online format on due to COVID-19. Learn more about the virtual gathering here

“The biggest SRCCON of the year, where 300 people who care deeply about journalism and their communities come together to talk about the technical and cultural changes we need to better support each other.”

Public Media Development and Marketing Conference, July 21-24, Atlanta, GA

“The PMDMC (Public Media Development and Marketing Conference) is public media’s largest conference devoted to issues surrounding revenue generation, marketing, and management.

Greater Public and PBS will co-present the 2020 PMDMC for all of public media, including public radio and television stations as well as joint licensees.”

Asian American Journalists Association, July 29- August 1, Washington, DC

“Asian American Journalists Association is a membership nonprofit advancing diversity in newsrooms, and ensuring fair and accurate coverage of communities of color.” 


SPJ-RTDNA Excellence in Journalism 2020, September 10-12, Washington, DC

“Excellence in Journalism will be covering everything you need from tech tools to career development, management, and ethical news leadership.”

NLA News Leadership Conference, Date and location TBD * (Last held in mid-September)

National Native Media Conference, September 13-16, Phoenix, AZ

“The Native American Journalists Association exists to empower the Indigenous voice through journalism with programs and actions designed to enrich journalism and promote the accurate portrayal of Indigenous people and cultures.

NAJA is committed to increasing the representation of Indigenous journalists in all areas of media, and to provide our membership with the skills and professional network necessary to succeed in the media industry.” 

The Association of LGBTQ journalists (NLGA), September 10-13, Chicago, IL

“NLGJA is the premier network of LGBTQ media professionals and all dedicated to the highest journalistic standards in the coverage of LGBTQ issues.”

ONA Conference, September 30-Oct 3, Atlanta, GA

“Record-breaking numbers of journalists travel to ONA’s conference each year to learn about new tools, techniques and technologies, to discuss advancements and challenges in the industry, take advantage of the rare opportunity to network face-to-face, and share best practices with peers from all over the map.”


Hearken’s Engagement Innovation Summit, October 13 & 14 2020, Chicago, IL

“Audience engagement enthusiasts and innovators across community-focused industries gather to explore how a culture of listening, service and trust-building can make us better at what we do.”

LION Summit 2020, October 22-24, Seattle, WA

Postponed on April 23 due to COVID-19 coronavirus. More details here.

“LION Summit 2020 is our ninth summit, and we’ll bring together independent local news publishers and people who care about supporting independent local news.”

Third Coast Conference, Date TBD, Chicago, IL  (Last held at the end of October)

“Based in Chicago, the Third Coast International Audio Festival (TCIAF, or simply Third Coast) is a nonprofit arts organization that celebrates the art and craft of narrative audio storytelling every day of the year. The heart and soul of Third Coast lies in our commitment to access, equity, and creative expression in an ever-changing artistic landscape and evolving professional industry. We center community-building as a means of pushing the boundaries of the medium. We believe and advocate for audio as an art form unto its own.”


People Powered Publishing Conference, Date TBD, Chicago, IL (last held in November)

“This conference aims to provide a space for journalists, civic-engagement practitioners, and community storytellers to work together on a shared goal: strengthening the connections between news organizations and the people they cover, in order to create a more collaborative and equitable news and information landscape.”

Conferences present an opportunity for journalists, developers, product managers, and others who work in the news space to connect with one another, learn new skills, and exchange ideas. 

Klein News Innovation Camp, Date TBD, Philadelphia, PA (last held in mid-November)

“The Klein News Innovation Camp is an annual unconference on the future of news and journalism attended by more than 150 media professionals from across the mid-Atlantic, including major national, local and independent newsrooms. The day-long event is organized by Technically Media with support from Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communications.”


Journalism and Women Symposium, December 4-6, Austin, Texas

“The Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) supports the professional empowerment and personal growth of women in journalism and works toward a more accurate portrayal of the whole society.”

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