what we do

The Lenfest Institute for Journalism is dedicated to supporting sustainable business models for local journalism. The Institute serves as a nexus of superior technology acumen, successful entrepreneurship, best-of-breed academic resources, business expertise and a commitment to great local and metropolitan journalism.

Through grant-making and program activities, the Institute provides both financial resources and hands-on expertise to individuals and organizations seeking to help invent the future of sustainable local journalism.


The foundation of the Institute’s mission is that a strong and free press provides critical accountability for individuals, government and corporations in power. We believe that nowhere is this role more important – or more threatened – than at the local level. This vision is shared by leaders throughout the community and across the country who believe in the power and impact of great local and metropolitan journalism.

The Institute:

  • Supports grant-making initiatives, residencies and innovation programs devoted to creating new business models for sustainable local and metropolitan journalism
  • Invests in new platforms and technologies to engage new audiences and create new revenues for local news
  • Provides expert resources to news organizations as they continue to evolve and incorporate emerging digital technologies
  • Supports collaboration between news organizations, civic organizations and technology resources to advance the development of the local news ecosystem


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