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News Catalyst provides tools, fosters collaboration, and promotes experimentation to help news organizations transform into sustainable digital businesses. The organization is News Catalyst has a keen focus in areas which news organizations have traditionally underinvested. It highlights and works to transform product development, data, analytics, digital storytelling, mobile and engagement. Where there are gaps in capability, News Catalyst fills them by providing tools, technology, training, hands-on support and expertise. 

News Catalyst is funded by the Knight-Lenfest Local News Transformation Fund and housed at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication.

News Catalyst co-founded Tiny News Collective, a platform that provides tools, resources and knowledge to help people build sustainable news organizations that reflect and serve their communitiesRead more about the team here. They publish the latest updates about our work on their Medium publication.

Local News Solutions

The Lenfest Institute provides free tools and resources for local journalism leaders to develop sustainable strategies to serve their communities.

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