Jaleel is an award-winning visual storyteller, who has a unique and challenging point of view on life, that finds expression in his photography. Having been a wheelchair user since the age of 8 has pushed him to embrace the “whys” in life, never using them as excuses, but rather finding inspiration in the “why not”. He’s a force of nature, unstoppable, as he explores life through the lens with his unique voice and vision. Jaleel has a unique ability to draw people into his way of seeing and experiencing life by showing them the beauty that surrounds them in every moment. His heartfelt passion to be alive is infectious and hearing him share his journey will make your heart soar, and push you to suck the marrow out of life. This approach has led him on a journey to share his story and passion from Philadelphia to Vegas and as far as Australia. His passion for photography and excellence is evident in the stories captured in his photos.

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