Lenfest Institute employees sit around a conference table.
Photo by Hannah Yoon

Scalable solutions for sustainable local news

The Lenfest Institute creates solutions for the next era of local news by investing in sustainable business models at the intersection of local journalism and community in Philadelphia and nationwide.

Lenfest Institute employees sit around a conference table.
Photo by Hannah Yoon

Our Vision

The Lenfest Institute offers strategic advisory services, runs training programs and communities of practice, provides grant funding, and synthesizes best practices to support sustainable solutions for local news providers and their communities.

Digital transformation and business solutions for sustainable local news coverage.

We support news organizations as they build digital products and develop solutions-oriented coverage that helps communities flourish.

Equitably meet the news and information needs of diverse communities.

We’re defining different pathways to sustainability for publishers to ensure they are reflective of the communities they’re serving.

Create national support networks for news professionals.

We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats, and that one news solution cannot solve every challenge. We’re lending our operating expertise to offer strategic advisory services and building Communities of Practice for news professionals to collaborate and share best practices.

Our Work

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Local News Solutions

The Lenfest Institute provides free tools and resources for local journalism leaders to develop sustainable strategies to serve their communities.

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