Gift Acceptance Policy

The Lenfest Institute operates at all times recognizing the independence of editors and reporters of any journalism enterprise.  Editorial function and news coverage of any funded project shall at all times remain independent of the donor and of The Lenfest Institute, and no attempt shall be made to influence or interfere with the editorial policies or decisions of any funded project.

Funders are not aware of specific stories the newsroom is working on and do not review them before publication. Funders do not have special or privileged access to reporters or newsroom leadership.

Funders of specific editorial projects will be listed alongside or in conjunction with funded content.

The Lenfest Institute will accept gifts from named companies, individuals and foundations to the Institute and The Philadelphia Inquirer for unrestricted support, or for broad funds (high-impact journalism, or health and wellness, arts and culture as examples).

The Lenfest Institute will accept gifts for specific editorial projects only from named donor advised funds, foundations, and individual donors, and only with the agreement of the editorial staff of The Inquirer.

The Lenfest Institute will accept anonymous gifts and anonymous donor advised fund gifts for endowment, or for unrestricted support for the Institute, or for The Inquirer, but neither for broad funds or specific editorial projects.

The Lenfest Institute reserves the right to decline any gifts where the Institute or The Inquirer believe that it might create an appearance of bias or conflict of interest.

This policy will be prominently displayed on The Lenfest Institute website and periodically alongside any funded content.


Gifts include unrestricted support, designated gifts for broad categories of work or specific editorial content, and gifts to the Institute endowment.  Lenfest Institute is required to ensure that all gifts meet the benchmark of charitable and education support for tax deductibility.

Sources of gifts include individuals, donor advised funds with clear and transparent origins, foundations, corporations, and unknown anonymous donors.

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