A woman laughs while sitting at a conference table

Strategic Advisory Services

The Lenfest Institute advises organizations across the United States to help them serve their communities with reliable journalism.

A woman laughs while sitting at a conference table

The Lenfest Institute works with select organizations whose missions align with the Institute’s to advance sustainable solutions for local journalism.

The Institute provided strategic advice, counsel, and guidance to Chicago Public Media, which acquired The Chicago Sun-Times, placing the storied local newspaper under nonprofit ownership, mirroring the structure of The Institute’s ownership of The Philadelphia Inquirer.The Institute advised Chicago Public Media’s board on digital transformation and philanthropic models.

The Institute also inspired the founding of the Baltimore based nonprofit, The Venetoulis Institute for Local Journalism, which launched The Baltimore Banner, a new digital news organization serving Baltimore’s diverse communities. The Venetoulis Institute has borrowed its structure, mission, and vision from the Institute, serving as a direct replication of our efforts and extension of our impact.

The Institute also partnered with the Rebuild Local News coalition and other organizations to support and help craft the bipartisan Local Journalism Sustainability Act, a major legislative effort to help fund local news through tax credits. The Institute continues to support the Rebuild Local News Coalition.

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