Shelton Mercer III joins Lenfest Institute Board of Managers

The Lenfest Institute’s Board of Managers has unanimously voted to elect Shelton Mercer III to the Board.

Mercer, a Philadelphia native and award-winning entrepreneur, philanthropist, and speaker, has founded and led venture-backed companies in technology, media, sports, and entertainment. He is founder and chairman of The Mercer Advisory Group, a collective of companies that include Mercer Innovation, Virtuous Innovation™ and Mercer Venture Partners, and the creator of miOS™ — Mercer Innovation Outcomes System.

miOS has catalyzed and powered multiple innovation districts, hubs, and ecosystems worldwide. These include Pennovation Works & Center, the 23-acre innovation hub of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and 16 Tech Innovation District, a 50-acre live/work/play campus in Indianapolis.

Mercer is co-founder and former president of Inc 5000 media and advertising technology company Audigent, as well as co-founder and former CEO of celebrity social impact engine TwitCHANGE.

“News and information media have been a passion of mine since I was a young boy. I recall waiting for the delivery of the evening paper, so my beloved grandmother could fuel my love for reading by helping me make out headlines, while the scent of cellulose pages and soy ink filled the room,” Mercer said. “Today our world is becoming more  fragmented by the day — fear, uncertainty and doubt are being incensed by disinformation and sensationalism. I believe the power of ingenuity and authenticity are necessary more now than ever — to preserve society and propel us to a safe and prosperous future. The Lenfest Institute for Journalism is a world-class organization, committed to support and innovation of local journalism. I am honored to be selected to join their mission.”

Mercer has helped raise millions for crisis relief and other causes, including poverty, hunger, clean water, housing, education, employment, and wealth gaps. He has led numerous aid missions worldwide that have supported more than 50 countries and dozens of U.S. cities.

The Lenfest Institute supports local journalism through its focus on diversified revenue models, digital product development, and equity and representation. In addition to acting as the nonprofit, non-controlling, steward of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Institute organizes communities of practice, advises news leaders, and synthesizes best practices to develop and disseminate sustainable solutions to the business challenges facing local news providers. 

“Shelton brings extraordinary expertise to the board in tech, philanthropy, and marketing and communications, and his love for Philadelphia will help us immeasurably as we continue to make the news ecosystem stronger and of greater service to all Philadelphians,”  said Lenfest Institute Board Chair Rosalind Remer, senior vice provost and executive director, Lenfest Center for Cultural Partnerships at Drexel University. “We’re delighted he agreed to join us.”

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