This training seminar will equip executives, editors, and development professionals with the skills and building blocks they need to develop major gift fundraising opportunities. 

During this four-week course, you will work with experienced fundraising professionals who will help you learn the key building blocks to building relationships and developing a pipeline of major gift donors. Key lessons will include: 

  • Developing a case for support
  • Building the major gift pipeline
  • Effective listening and observing techniques
  • Moves management
  • The art of the ask

Led by Schultz & Williams, the course will meet once every other week for two-hour sessions on Wednesdays between May 12 and June 23 at 1 p.m. EDT. 

You can start your application by clicking here or filling out the application below.

The deadline to apply is Monday April 19, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. EDT .

Here’s a detailed overview of the course.

Workshop I: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy & Developing a Case for Support

This first workshop will be adapted to the participants’ experience level but will largely focus on transitioning fundraising from a membership to a philanthropic model. It will examine current trends and emerging best practices in philanthropy and define the essential elements required for a successful fundraising program. Additionally, the workshop will explore ways in which staff can amplify the visibility of philanthropy within their organization and how this translates into crafting a case for support that inspires donors and motivates giving. Participants will leave this session prepared to discuss the importance of an organization-wide culture of philanthropy with leadership and peers and will understand next steps for creating a donor-focused case for support. 

Workshop II: Building the Major Gift Pipeline

The second session will focus on steps that should be taken to build the major gift donor pipeline through converting grassroots members/donors to mid-level donors. We will explore why this cohort of donors is critical to revenue generation and how to leverage these donor relationships into higher levels of giving. Participants will gain a practical knowledge of this critical phase of the philanthropic relationship and will be prepared to use their own data to identify prospects, to create engagement opportunities which deepen donor relationships and to solicit donors to elicit larger gifts at the mid-level.

Workshop III: Fundamentals of Major Gift Fundraising

This workshop will introduce participants to the key elements required for launching a major gifts program: identifying major gift prospects; designing effective engagement programs; soliciting and stewarding prospects at this level; and planning a future major gifts initiative and/or campaign. Among other take-aways, participants will expand on their listening and observing techniques within the philanthropic context, learn about the tactics of moves management and be prepared to conduct effective donor meetings with practical follow-up practices.

Workshop IV: The Ask

This workshop will take a deeper dive into “the ask” by exploring techniques for effective solicitation through role playing exercises. This session will culminate in an examination of what happens after the ask, including stewardship of prospects and donors. The presentation and key handouts from these workshops will serve as valuable resources for the participants to utilize as they move forward.

Please note that the session topics described above are only preliminary; we will work to customize the sessions based on member input during the planning process.

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