To Inquirer readers:

As we pass the 10-week mark of this unprecedented health emergency, The Inquirer continues to pull out all the stops to provide you with comprehensive, up-to-date coverage. We’ve placed a high priority on fact-based explanatory stories on the devastating health and economic impacts of the pandemic, as well as on service journalism that helps you understand the full scope of the crisis and how best to navigate through it.

While working 100% remotely, often in dangerous conditions, our journalists are producing hundreds of daily stories, photographs, videos, and graphics on and in expanded sections of the daily and Sunday newspapers. Additionally, our Harrisburg-based Spotlight PA team has been a leading force for Statehouse breaking news and investigations throughout the crisis.

We continue to provide our coronavirus live blog and evening coronavirus newsletter at no charge to provide essential 24/7 coverage. Our reporters have answered more than 100 reader questions through our Curious Philly channel, and we’ve highlighted the unsung heroes on the front lines of the pandemic as well as honored “The People We’ve Lost.”

Beyond the urgent pandemic news, we’ve rolled out new content to help readers cope during these uncertain times. We not only added an extra weekly installment of our popular UpSide stories but also added a puzzle book to the Sunday Inquirer and created an Inquirer “Live at Lunch” Instagram series featuring our journalists and some of the region’s top newsmakers. Next week, we will publish a special Summer Cookbook as an additional reader benefit.

We’re extremely grateful for those who make this journalism possible. Your support has never been more appreciated — or needed — as it is at this moment of extreme disruption to the news industry and the world at large. To help us sustain this depth of local coverage, please consider subscribing at, or making a tax-deductible donation to The Inquirer’s High-Impact Journalism Fund at or mailed to the Lenfest Institute (note “The Inquirer” on your correspondence), 801 Market St., Suite 300, Philadelphia, Pa. 19107.

Thank you, and we hope you and your loved ones remain healthy and safe.

— Stan Wischnowski, executive editor and senior vice president

Photo by Tim Tai/Philadelphia Inquirer

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