Every Voice, Every Vote FAQ

April 15, 2024

Applications are now open for Every Voice, Every Vote, a coalition of community groups and media organizations providing in-depth local journalism and catalyzing civic action around the issues that matter most to Philadelphians.  

Funding will range from $10,000 to $150,000, and the grant term will run from May 2024 through November 2025. The deadline to apply is April 19, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EDT.  

You can apply here. More details, including eligibility requirements and instructions for how to create an account in the Institute’s Fluxx grant management system are available here.  

Below are answers to questions asked during two Every Voice, Every Vote grant information sessions on April 8 and April 11, 2024. These are meant to complement the information in the grant guidelines.  

If you have additional questions after reviewing the guidelines and the answers below, please reach out to the Every Voice, Every Vote team at [email protected].  


What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the Every Voice, Every Vote grant?  

  • Media organizations of any type 
  • Community organizations that are registered 501c3 non-profits 
  • Journalists and community members working independently with an LLC or fiscal sponsor  

Note: Priority will be given to Philly-based organizations. However, projects targeting and/or serving Philadelphia residents from outside organizations are eligible and will be considered. 

Can EVEV grants support direct service programs or programmatic activities that my organization currently provides? 

This grant is focused on civic news and information and civic engagement. As long as the project or program meets the outline project guidelines, a program can be considered for funding. If you have questions about a specific project or program you are planning to submit, please contact our team at [email protected]

Can grant funds support projects about the national elections?  

Journalism funded by this grant must focus on Philadelphia and can include information about state and national elections’ in so far as they influence-city specific issues.  

Funding restrictions and budgets

Can this grant be coupled with other funding sources? 

Yes, the EVEV grant can be combined with other support. However, the grantee must uphold and follow the EVEV grant requirements.  

Are there limitations on who other funders can be? 

No, there are no limitations.  

Are there any restrictions on which aspects of a project’s budget will be supported by the grant?  

EVEV grants are intended to be project and capacity building grants. While the expansion of reporting / staffing capacity to achieve the stated project goal is an eligible expense, these should not be considered ‘core support’ grants. Indirect costs should not exceed 10%.  


Can my organization apply for a grant even if we are listed as a partner on another organization’s application? 

Being a collaborator on one project does not prohibit an organization from being funded for a separate individual project. Two partners cannot request support for the same project. 

Do community organizations have to partner with media organizations on their projects? 

We have seen great work happen when community and media organizations collaborate, but we do not require any collaboration.  

Grantee meetings

What happens in the bi-monthly meetings required for grantees? 

In the required bi-monthly meetings for grantees, the Every Voice, Every Vote team provides important updates about the initiative’s progress, shares helpful resources, and details opportunities that could be of interest to grantees. Grantees also have space to promote their activities, ask for collaborators, and ask questions.  

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