Providing the public with news that is accurate and timely is the standard we set for ourselves — every day. The unfolding public health crisis over the coronavirus does not alter this core mission. It just makes it ever more critical.

We are committed to producing reliable, dispassionate, relevant news and information about the virus and its impact on our community. Every part of our organization is contributing to the effort, and every day our journalists gain insights and expertise that will continue to drive our reporting and inform you, our audience.

Like any fast-moving crisis, a public health emergency is less alarming if the public has access to news and information. Our newsroom is dedicated to providing you with what you need. Just this week, we have:

The events of the last few days demonstrate how quickly the landscape can change. Our promise to you is that we will work every day, around the clock, to keep you informed. This is a company-wide commitment.

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Our work is supported in part thanks to our nonprofit owner, the Lenfest Institute for Journalism, and many other local donors. We count on your support to ensure that independent local journalism survives and thrives in Philadelphia. To our readers, donors, advertisers, and everyone in the communities we serve: Thank you.

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