News Philanthropy Network: Year-end fundraising check-in

November 6, 2023

Hands grabbing coins

The last two months of the year can be exciting for those of us in fundraising. So many donations are coming in! But with our heads down in hard work, it can be isolating and difficult to see the bigger picture.  

Join the News Philanthropy Network on Thursday, December 7, at 1 p.m. EST for an open-ended discussion with our fellow development professionals over Zoom to check in and chat about the status of our year-end fundraising work. Let’s support each other.  

After the stress of Giving Tuesday (#GivingNewsday), we hope we can collectively take a little time to reflect on how we’re doing. 

Let’s talk about: 

  • How is fundraising going this year compared to years past? 
  • How are you staying motivated? 
  • Have you read any interesting and unique fundraising emails or letters that inspire you? 
  • Do you have fundraising ideas you’ve tested and want to share? 
  • Do you have questions or feedback the group could help you with? 
  • General venting is also welcome (we’re not recording this) 

Jeff Muckensturm and Joseph Lichterman from The Lenfest Institute will facilitate the discussion and share some interesting donation appeals we’ve collected recently.  

And we want to hear from you. You can register here for the discussion and be sure to include any questions or topics you want to discuss. Be prepared to participate in the way you feel most comfortable. 

The session is free and open to all.  

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