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Last week, in partnership with NBC News, Spotlight PA published a special investigation on a fatal police shooting of a Pennsylvania teenager. 

In the special report, Spotlight PA and NBC News found that 19-year-old Christian Hall had his hands in the air when he was shot in December 2020. Spotlight PA and NBC News obtained the full, unredacted video for the report—a previous video released by authorities had blurred the final seconds before Hall’s death.

You can read the key findings on Spotlight PA’s website, and watch a video report produced by NBC News. 

The newly revealed footage has not only prompted calls for an independent investigation into this specific incident, but also shed light on potential areas for police reform in the state, including mental health crisis response and investigation protocol for officer-involved shootings. 

This essential public-service journalism is only made possible through Spotlight PA’s collaborative approach to reporting. Spotlight PA distributes its stories, free of charge, to more than 75 media organizations across Pennsylvania. It also partners nationally with organizations such as ProPublica. 

Since launching in 2019, Spotlight PA has become one of the largest and most effective statewide news collaborations in the United States. Spotlight PA is supported by The Lenfest Institute, more than a dozen local and national foundations, and thousands of Pennsylvanians. 

You can learn more about Spotlight PA and sign up for its newsletters here.

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