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Welcome to the Solution Set News Book Club. We read and discuss a book together as a community on a topic related to journalism. It could be a book that’s specifically about news, or it could focus on related topics such as culture change, community building, innovation, and more. You can join the conversation via Twitter, Slack, email newsletter, and Zoom call. Scroll down a bit for details on how to join each channel.

A different host always helps lead the Book Club discussion. They select three potential books, and the community then votes to choose which one it would like to read. Our next host is Teresa Gorman, the Democracy Fund’s senior program associate for local news.

Teresa picked three books for us to consider, and the community voted to read Trailblazer: A Pioneering Journalist’s Fight to Make the Media Look More Like America by Dorothy Butler Gilliam. 

Here’s a short description from Teresa:

If you’re going to talk about the future of journalism, you can’t forget it’s past. That’s why I’m adding Dorothy Butler Gilliam’s memoir to the list, as recommended by my colleague Lea Trusty. Gilliam was the first black woman hired to work as a reporter at The Washington Post. The struggles she faced in the newsroom and outside of it will probably sound pretty familiar to journalists working today. It reminds us how much we still need to do to make our newsrooms and our journalism fully represent our communities.

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We’ll be meeting to discuss the book on Thursday August 29 at 1 p.m. EDT. You can add the event to your Google calendar here. I’ll, of course, send out reminders as the date gets closer.

Here’s how you can join the News Book Club conversation:

• Twitter: On Twitter, we’ll use the hashtag #NewsBookClub to chat about the book.

• Slack: We have a robust Slack community that has an ongoing conversation about the books we’re reading. You can sign up here.

• Zoom call: On Thursday August 29 at 1 p.m. EDT we’ll be holding a Zoom call to discuss any thoughts, insights, or questions you may have about “Trailblazer.” You can add the call to your Google Calendar, and I’ll send out reminders as the date gets closer

• Newsletter: I’ll send out regular updates to the newsletter list with highlights from the discussions on the other platforms along with other bits of news and information about the Book Club. You can sign up on this page.

This book club is very much an experiment. Please feel free to share any thoughts or feedback as we progress at  [email protected]