Fiscal sponsorships

As a public charity focused on investing in and supporting quality local news publishers and helping them build capacity to provide high-impact journalism, technological innovation, and audience growth, The Lenfest Institute offers a temporary fiscal sponsorship to select for-profit publishers that align with its mission and priorities, allowing them to receive charitable donations. 

As entrepreneurs and organizations develop and test the viability of business models to deliver and sustain local journalism, there may exist a temporary need for fiscal sponsorship as they actively seek to acquire their 501(c)3 nonprofit status and/or raise the necessary capital to achieve sustainable independence.   

The Lenfest Institute utilizes Fiscal Sponsorship Model C to support select publishers or projects that align with its mission. In addition to the effort having mission alignment, The Lenfest Institute considers the following criteria: 

  • Organizations must be in active pursuit of their independent 501(c)3 status 
  • A preference for efforts located in or serving the Philadelphia area 
  • The Institute will not accept membership fees or donations below $2,500 

Apply for a fiscal sponsorship

Organizations seeking fiscal sponsorship from The Lenfest Institute for Journalism should complete a brief Letter of Intent (LOI) outlining: 

  • How does the proposed effort align with the mission of The Lenfest Institute? 
  • What is the anticipated level of support and frequency of payments? 
  • Where are the proposed beneficiaries of the effort located? 
  • When do you anticipate acquiring your own independent 501(c)3 status?