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How The Philadelphia Inquirer and Spotlight PA are covering the Pennsylvania primary elections

By Hayley Slusser

May 16, 2022

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As Pennsylvania prepares to elect new leaders in November, including a new governor and U.S. senator, our partners at The Philadelphia Inquirer and Spotlight PA have been hard at work to keep Pennsylvanians informed ahead of tomorrow’s primary election. 

Both news organizations have released voter guides to help Pennsylvanians learn about the process and meet their candidates. For an overview on the race, the candidates, and the logistics of voting, you can check out these complete guides: 

To give readers a more in-depth look at what they’re voting for, The Inquirer also published candidate profiles and explanations of this election’s ballot questions

In recent months, Spotlight PA shared background information on the race, released guides to the gubernatorial candidates, provided information on how to request and use mail-in ballots, and hosted multiple debates with the candidates. Spotlight PA also published their comprehensive voter guide in Spanish

In addition to providing information on logistics, both news organizations have worked to hold this year’s candidates accountable, publishing articles on everything from their political connections to campaign finances

If you’re heading to the polls tomorrow but don’t know what to expect, check out Spotlight PA’s quick guide to make sure you’re prepared. The guide can help you check your registration status, see what’s on the ballot, and more. The Inquirer has also been providing live updates in the days leading up to the election and will continue to do so on Election Day.

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