Driving equitable culture change from the inside out

Many across the journalism field have spoken extensively about how news organizations need to grow their audiences and ensure that their coverage is representative and inclusive of the diverse communities they serve. These same principles apply to news fundraisers as well. Conversations have begun that underscore the importance of broadening our donor bases and reaching new communities. 

News audiences and donors are media savvy and can identify inauthenticity. As publishers think about reaching younger and more diverse audiences, their internal cultures, editorial output, and fundraising messaging need to truly reflect their communities. 

In order to successfully create diverse and equitable fundraising strategies, news organizations must first build diverse and equitable teams and cultures to support this essential work. 

Join the News Philanthropy Network on Tuesday, May 23 at 4:00 p.m. EDT / 1:00 p.m. PDT for a workshop with leaders from Public Media for All, a coalition of public media workers that is working with organizations throughout the public media system to build more inclusive organizations. 

The team will share how Public Media for All is working to make change from the inside out at stations across the country. They’ll share case studies of successes and challenges while offering strategies and tips for how news fundraisers can help drive positive change within their organizations. 

The session is free and open to all.