News Philanthropy Summit

The inaugural Lenfest News Philanthropy Summit is Nov. 3-5, 2021. The Summit is free to attend and open to all — regardless of where you live and whether you work for a nonprofit or for-profit news organization.

We’re still finalizing the Summit schedule, but some highlights include:

  • Intimate “fireside” conversations with Stewart Bainum Jr., a Maryland businessman supporting local news in Baltimore, and Jim Brady, the Knight Foundation’s newly appointed vice president of journalism, that will offer funders’ perspectives on why they invest in journalism.  
  • A candid conversation between MLK50 Operations and Organizational Development Specialist Andrea Faye Hart, City Bureau Director of Growth Strategy Andrew Herrera, and Cityside Vice President of Development Jill Kunishima, who work in three nonprofit news organizations looking to center community. With diverse backgrounds and varied professional experiences, all three spend a substantial part of the day thinking through ways that fundraising can stay in alignment with – and advance – organizational values, especially around diversity and equity. The three will share about what brought them to this work, why they think this work matters right now (and why it should be funded), what it means to be community-centered in this moment, and how we can all be more equitable in our fund development practices.
  • Mario Lugay, senior innovation director at Justice Funders, a firm focused on reimagining philanthropy, will join writer Micah L. Sifry for a conversation on how development professionals can help drive social change and develop deeper relationships with their communities. 
  • The Inclusion Firm, a national consulting practice focused on developing inclusive strategies for organizational change, will lead two sessions. One will offer an overview of national research trends in philanthropy for gifts focused on diversity, equity, and, inclusion. The other will focus on inclusive storytelling strategies for sharing impact.
  • A roundtable discussion with New York Times Vice President of Philanthropy Sharon Chan; Fraser Nelson, the co-founder and managing director of the National Trust for Local News; Texas Tribune Chief Development Officer Terry Quinn; and Annie McCain Madonia, The Lenfest Institute’s Chief Advancement Officer. 
  • A screening of the new documentary film “Storm Lake,” which depicts how the family-run, independent Storm Lake Times manages to continue its operations despite the ever-changing media landscape. We’ll also include a discussion with the film’s producer Beth Levison, Storm Lake Times editor Art Cullen, and Kyle Munson, president of the Western Iowa Journalism Foundation.  

We’ll share more details about additional sessions and workshops on topics such as human-centered storytelling, national research and trends in fundraising, grant writing best practices, and much more in the coming weeks.

A quick note: If you’ve pre-registered for the Summit, you’re all set, and we’ll share more information with you over email.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.